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Greater Toronto Area Fitness Center

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  • Personal Training

    At National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc, we have a very comprehensive approach to personal training. Rather than a one-size-fits-all mindset, we take the time to learn about you – your long- and short-term goals as well as your current fitness, health, and nutritional habits.

    Personal Training in Greater Toronto Area

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  • Fitness Classes

    While running on the treadmill, working out on the elliptical machine, and lifting weights are all excellent forms of exercise, it is always a good idea to change up your workout routine by taking a class. When your body gets used to an exercise, your muscles are no longer being challenged.

    National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc is always keeping things interesting!

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  • Fitness Center

    Being able to workout is integral to a healthy life, but there are some places that make this difficult because they have atmospheres that are not conducive to learning and growing. With this in mind, National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc was created so that all the people of Greater Toronto Area could find a place to improve themselves.

    Train as you like in a judgment free environment

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Ladies Private Gym

Special For this Summer

$199 for 6 Months

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Transform your Body, Relax your Mind, Empower your Spirit

You’ve made the most important decision of your life. Whether you want to run a mile, or have loftier goals, such as running a marathon or competing as a bodybuilder, National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc can design a fitness program that will keep you comfortable in your own skin and help you maintain a stress-free and active lifestyle. No matter your age, body-type, or level of fitness, you will find everything you need at National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc.

Have you hit a plateau in your exercise program? Are you bored with your current fitness routine? Is it time to make some lifestyle changes? Let’s change that today. Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus from the gym and are trying to get back in gear, have never stepped foot inside a gym, or recently moved to Greater Toronto Area and are looking to join a new gym, we’re sure you’ll find success at here. When you join National Gym & Fitness Centre Inc, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way to guide you to your goals.